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when u wear ear plugs (which are attached with the help of a plastic string) around your neck with them tucked under your collar. Ear plugs are then generally tied in some fashion (either standard shoe-string bow. Or if you are feeling particularly ambitious and wish to go through the trouble of doing so, you may tie your ear plugs into a bow tie or simple neck tie. WARNING: Neck tie and Bow tie styles are not appropriate for all occasions, usually limited to meetings. So dress appropriately.)
General Labor Worker 1: Schreiber neckties are so handy so u don't loose your earplugs!

GLW 2: I know...but one day i showed up late for work and didn't have time to make a bow tie and i felt so underdressed when i showed up for the meeting...

GLW 1: Yeah that was awkward for everyone...major breech of protocol...

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