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The Girl that stole my bestmate, a code word so that she wouldn't find out.
Jason: "you know schoon"
Pantz: "yes"
Jason: "shoons a bitch"
Ben: "Word"
by ja50_n July 17, 2008
The term refers to the act of butting-in with your body and/or head in order to get a better view during a surgical procedure or baby delivery, which results in the obstruction of others' or another's view(s), typically of those assisting on the case.
What did you think of that C-section? I don't know...I got Schooned out of the case!
by Joe Kustastiach April 19, 2011
to fuck something up
to cry while masterbating
man, he really schooned that interveiw

i heard him schooning in the bathroom
by ballsackfacemonkey August 15, 2008
A popular Canadianism in the 1980s, possibly of Maritimer origins, and which perhaps has something to do with Schooner beer.

1. The verb, "to schoon" means to steal, and is usually used when referring to beer.
2. The compoud verb "to be schooned" or "to get schooned" can also refer to being tricked or deceived.
1. Hey! Don't schoon my last beer!" (or "Who scooned my last beer?")
2. Hey! This isn't hash! It's a Tootsie Roll wrapped in tinfoil. Jesus, we got schooned!"
by Adman12 October 20, 2005
To travel by means of a Schooner.
Do you want to Schoon today?

Trevor and I Schooned up the coast as John swabbed the poop deck.
by CaptainJamesAPoopDeck October 08, 2005
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