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The noise in which a penis makes while exiting the pants/underpants which keep it confined. The noise is audible if and only if the person possesses a penis with proper length and girth to cause said noise. The noise is usually accompanied by a loud bang as the male appendage hits and most likely breaks whatever is in front of it.

A schoomp may also be used to exit awkward situations.
Girl: Hey big boy, want to have fun tonight?
Guy: yes i would enjoy that.
Girl: show me what you're working with.
Guy: *schoomp*
Girl: Ow you broke my jaw!

mom: Son, i found this bag of pot in your room.
son: *schoomp*
by Lord Goddard May 01, 2013
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The sound made by the IM from Mac's iChat service.
Tommy's computer is making that schoomp sound.
by TommyScottKevin April 03, 2008
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