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1.)A person with no friends who will most likely give up on life and bring a gun to school to shoot classmates as revenge. 2.)A person with no life who sits at home all day watching television, using the computer, playing video games, etc.
Haha, look at that kid eating lunch all by himself. I bet he is a schoolshooter
by camelkk May 16, 2008
Loser who will one day bring in a gun and perform a massacre on his school.
OMG stay away from him. He looks like a schoolshooter
by Jonkan Bloe May 14, 2008
Someone who is most of the time mentally ill. This could be cause by abused or a victim of bullying in early childhood. The person may also suffer depression and other mental disorder. What drives them to actually shoot at the school is still a shock to many. Some say, maybe they wanna be remembered, some say, they do it because their fed up with the world, but whatever it is, it's still a mistery to actually know what is going on inside the mind of a school shooter. I personally feel that depressed kids or adolescent need to be taken serious and treated early before they get out of control. And also, people of today are not very nice to each other, so i think that bullying also contributes to school shooter, as they feel very depressed. Overall I think it's a very horrible thing to do, I mean if you're not feelling well, get help or if you really want to die, just kill yourself and not others who have done nothing to you.
Fred: Do you know that kid who always sits by himself and never talk to no one in the class and ge's always sad.

Michael: Yeah i know right, last time i tried to talk to him and he just ignored me.

Fred: I think we better watch out for him, because i suspect that he might be a possible school shooter.

Michael: Yeah, I think so too.
by !!!!!!!!!!!! February 18, 2008
Gothic teenagers dressed in trench coats normally wearing all black cloths and black make up. Many times they wear Spiked necklaces and wristbands along with chains and strappy shit. The final way to point out a school shooter is their obscene hair do.
Holy shit, somebody better check that school shooter for shotguns. He might have pipe bombs hidden in his pants!
by Zac Michael March 20, 2004

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