The progressive form of the verb to school.
To get own3d (or pwn3d,) to suffer great humilation, to straight up loose.

Upon her arrival to the Bean, Molly will receive a schooling in both ping-pong and bowling.
by Da Jonas Brothers December 08, 2008
Top Definition
A word used for masturbation when you want the act to remain a secret.
"Dude, i just schooled so hard, i was thinking of Inga and Julia the entire time."

"Bro, homeschooling is so risky when my parents are downstairs."
by Pattycakesxc3 December 13, 2011
when you are doing school work non stop because teachers think you have no life...

"hey, where the hell have you been!?"
"i've been schooling and working"
by mtodapaws March 11, 2008
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