a girl in her first year at university she just broke up with her boyfriend and is looking to party
look at those schoolies
by d2kfosho October 05, 2008
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A week long piss up held at Surfers Paradise. Everyone gets drunk and gets laid and party on at the beach!

The best way to reward ya self after 12 years of slavery
Hot Chicks, Sex and lots and lots of alcohol all at Surfers
by PJ Marshal January 03, 2004
People go up to Queensland mainly the Goldcoast after they finish 12 years at school, so after the HSC.
People just party and get pissed for a week or two.
It attracts people from all over Australia
Bro what you doin for Schoolies
Im goin to Goldcoast,
Na im goin on a cruise ship
by Philly_jo August 11, 2006
The correct definition of a 'schooly', is a dump (shit) which is taken at school.
'Fuck that man, I ain't taking a schooly.'
by Nutterofdeath September 12, 2008
a schooly is someone that stays on at school in the sixth form, as they are choosing to stay at their school, because it is no longer compulsory for them to be there.
anyone in the sixth form that has stayed on at school.

people below sixth form are not schoolys.
by susan and steve May 09, 2004
1. A place where dirty old men like to spy on 18yo slutty white chicks. The oldies then proceed to get action off the chicks.
schoolie: I wear skimpy clothing and I love cock!

dirty old man: he he he.. I want your tight pussy
by KrAzY_KaRl March 05, 2005
Young girls of high school age that dress in skimpy clothing.
Tyler almost crashes his car driving by highschools staring at all the schoolies.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003

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