the act of being to expensive for the quality of means.
Bro, your acting like your school lunch right now. Just like how i don't want to pay three dollars for a soggy chicken sandwich.
by Rlvers January 28, 2011
School Lunch is actualy a game that was devised back in the day at our lunch table.

It works like this.
1. Run the the cafe, to get there before any one else.
2. get in line as fast as you can, before anyone else at your table can get there.
3. Once you have your food, pay in a timly fashen and then run back to your table.
4. Inhaile the food as fast as posible.
5. Don't finish last!

In the event that you do infact finish last, you must take out everyones trash for the remainder of the lunch period. The next day, you are not allowed to take out the trash.

In the event that you tie with some one, you must go mono e mono in a best 2-3 game of Rock, Paper, Sizers. The loser of that game must take out the trash.
Best game ever!
Play with your friends!
by Tom P. February 08, 2005
This shit is nasty. E.G. They serve pizza that the TMNT would pass up.
School lunch is fucking gross.
by negrosahn May 03, 2015

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