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Quite possibly the most dreaded place on the face of Earth. Typical Characteristics include Broken/Overflowing Toilets, piss/shit smeared all over the floor tiles, sinks that only have cold water, stalls that don't lock, toilet paper that can be compared to coarse construction paper, and un-flushed "deposits." One of the only places in the Universe where it is possible to contract a disease by breathing the air inside. It looks nice for the first week after being built, but is totaled by the many disgusting people who actually use them.
I needed to take a shit, but I didn't want one of the water snakes that live in the school bathrooms to come up and bite my ass.
by ToddRidesBurton December 07, 2009
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A fucking hellhole. Not even Satan would step a foot in that gas chamber. The school bathrooms are without a doubt the most putrid, vile, disgusting breeding ground for bacteria and diseases still unknown to man. This is the only place in existence in which you can contract HIV, AIDS, influenza, and the bubonic plague just by breathing. Filth is everywhere and obscenities are written in shit on the walls. There will be AT LEAST one puddle of stagnant piss somewhere on the floor. If you go into one of the stalls (given you can even open the door), you will most likely find: a dead baby/miscarriage, something that somewhat resembles a diarrhea bomb, and/or what looks to be a rat.

There are three stages of a school bathroom:
- Toxic
- Potentially Deadly
- RUN!!!!! FUCKING RUN!!!!!!!!!!

You have been warned.
I would rather be one of the Fukushima 50, than go into the school bathrooms.

I saw the janitor walk into the boy's bathroom today... After only a couple seconds, he walked out and said something like "Not worth it."
by Fuck you! I ain' going in der! April 02, 2011
A living hellhole.

The only place in school where the guys hang out if they want to keep their conversation a secret.

The place where it hasn't been remodelled since the 1980s, only he plumbing has been updated so it can be up to code.

The place where it smells worse than an outhouse 24/7. Keep trying janitor, it's never going to smell nice in there.

The place where most of the toilet are broken. The ones that aren't broken, however, usually is filled with crap, rendering it useless until flush.

The place where a stagnat puddle of piss can br found anywhere on the floor

The place where the sinks have hair in it, because the school's bathrooms are known to be the cheapest salons

The place where grafitti is common in the stalls, where the staff can't find it because he/she is too distracted from the crap smeared all over the walls on one section.

The place where there are coins, paperclips, hair, beads, etc. inside the urinals.

The place where there are usually out of paper towels, and toilet paper.

Last but not least, the last place on earth that you want to be in.
Use the school bathrooms at your own risk!
by Ilisten2Metal May 01, 2014

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