"Schnozzle" refers to the word "nose", first utilized by Randall Patrick McMurphy, in 3566 B.C. in the latin form, Nozillius, later integrated into the hit british rock sensation, the farfignugens, as Nonozze. Most recently adapted by the late KC Baldwin, circa 2005, as the word we all know, use, and love, Schnozzle.
Let me blow my Schnozzle on your beryllium, Shwoozee!
by KC Baldwin October 02, 2005
Top Definition
A Schnozzle is when you sneeze and a large amount of snot (also known as bogies or nasal mucus) is produced from this sneeze, either into a tissue or into your own hands. This is not regarded as classy in the upper class world.
"Ewwww Don't sit next to John! He just Schnozzled!
by Doddeh June 10, 2013
Informal slang for nose.

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A: *punches B in face*
B: You made my schnozzle bleed!
by Lynn December 13, 2004
Verb: to perform fellatio deep enough that the fellator has no choice but to breathe through her nose.
Anyone can give a b.j., but it takes a special girl to schnozzle a diesel just right.
by DickyJohns17325 April 27, 2009
The part of a douche that is inserted into the vagina
That guy is a Schnozzle
by BizMaliz November 22, 2015
1. noun; a shortened term for douche nozzle. a person whom exhibits real douche-like behavior or commits real douche moves on a regular basis.
Dont talk to my wife, she's being a real schnozzle.
by MeanPinkFluffy June 03, 2011
Slang term for cocaine.
Frank: Wattup Freddy? What're you doing tonight?
Freddy: Ima get some schnozzle for my nozzle and get loaded!

by Dean Moriarty June 19, 2008
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