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Canadian slang for cocaine
Have you guys been doing schneef?
Also used: schniffles, schnay.
by JonW May 29, 2003
Used on the East Coast of the U.S. to mean 100% Pure uncut caffeine powder. Commonly snorted, but can also be taken orally. Users should not take more than 1g/35 lbs of body mass.
Stranger 1: Dude, those caffeine pills did nothing for me
Stranger 2: Try snorting a gram of schneef and get back to me
by BasedCoalShower March 03, 2014
Slang used in southern California used to describe the action of smoking that Mary Jane, often the word is repeated twice for added secretive value.
"dude, you want to.. schneef schneef?"
"yeah man lets get baked off our asses."
by juan carlos117 November 01, 2009
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