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a sub word of schnaw
important for doing the schnaw handshake (schnee schnaw schneau schnaw)
Oh my holy schnee!!!
by Maeve Erin Amy Taylor February 07, 2007
Used as a replacement for "shit"
My mom told me to clean my room and I was all like, "Schnee son!"
by pin37 June 05, 2007
This is a slang word for cocaine.
That dude looks like hes all whacked out on schnee.
by ridin' dirty January 22, 2007
the act of listening in on strangers conversations
guy 1: hey we gonna go to the party?
guy 2: totally!!
stranger:can I come?
guy 1: Schnee!!!
by coach1hines June 27, 2011
Someone who looks like they just combed their hair with a pork chop...seeperiod chunk
Damn dude, looks like you hooked up with another schnee, huh?
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
The act of fiercly jamming your knee into one's thigh.
Some a-hole just schneed me-and it hurt.
by Damaris is hot January 06, 2006
Someone employed to do the general cleaning and helping-out that nobody else can be bothered with
"Quick, call the schnee, someone's thrown up in aisle 7"
by fellatia February 21, 2005