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The act of wearing long knee high socks with bright colors. To Schmizzle, one must act like their dear friend, Smeall. To achieve the full effects of getting Schmizzle, one must put their hair in pig tails and bat their eye lashes to get what they want.
Much like the act of getting Xyphie, but much more sophisticated!
"Let get Shmizzle!"
"Again! Yeah! I love putting my hair in pig tails, pulling up my crazy socks and batting my eye lashes to get what I want from men!"
"Don't forget you have to be super friendly too!"
"Yeah, like when we get Xyphie!"
"Man, I better grab my sticky notes to remember all these steps for getting Schmizzle!"
by Sarah Jane Schauer June 05, 2008
A legends Last Name also in slang term!
originated from Tim Schmidt
Yo! There is Tim Schmizzle
by Tim Schmidt May 22, 2004
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