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A tall, red-haired person who gets high off of weed 24-7. Usually eating cheap tacos and inhaling incense.
You look as stoned as Schmitz!
by samiam6977 January 17, 2009
The type of poop that has the most horrifying smell that you can't help but laughing out loud in the stall/bathroom. A cross between smelly and shitz.
I hear laughing from that stall, Dan must have the schmitz.
by Duddda October 25, 2006
One who will break your shins with a single glance.

One who falls asleep almost instantaneously.
Oh Shit! That Schmitz just gave me the look! My shins are doomed.

MC Fatigue of the WTF Collective is also known as a Schmitz.
by BAKAAAAARARRARARAR December 18, 2010
a person who is so god damn fucking good looking
by craig johansen September 06, 2008
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