A hot bird with whom you would like to have relations of the dirty, sweaty nature!
oh man, shes schmink!
by jim79 February 22, 2010
Top Definition
That certain thing about a girl. Usually a girl with schmink is brunette, and not often recognised as attractive. Office girls tend to have more schmink than their counterparts. 'Secretary style glasses' tend to add to it, although there is no exact formula for the realisation of schmink.
This girl has a lot of schmink.
She is so fuckin' schminky dude!
by spencer February 01, 2003
A name to call someone who does something inappropriate or unfavorable.
Who was the schmink that ate all my ice cream??!?!!
by Karen Guralnick May 18, 2005
The art of courting an attractive female to (hopefully) ultimately result in copulation.
You were on the schmink last night!
Wouldn't mind schminking her!
I see you were laying down schmink tactics.
by Steve the Beast August 22, 2003
An affectionate term for female genitailia.(similar to pussy, vag, minge, axewound, gut locker etc...
David: Did you fuck that girl last night?
Mylo: Yes mate.
David: Oh yeah, how was it?
Mylo: Well she had the tidiest and best smelling schmink ive enjoyed this year, acctually....
by schminkleston March 07, 2008
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