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It's mean Sexy, hot, and cool.
My dog is so schmexy!
by Nosilla the great December 09, 2005
20 60
use this word to describe an object as being sexy.
loraine: wow, dave is sexy!!
sue: well, the pink lampshade in the bathroom is schmexy!
by frankee January 03, 2006
224 97
schmexy, its like sexy, but schmexy (said shh-mex-e) and can mean just sexy, or if its a little more special than sexy, like sexy, and they are a nice man/woman too!
damn, you know whos schmexy?
no, who?
by d{^_^}b Adam August 31, 2006
133 39
State of being remade sexy after an act of grooming, i.e. haircut, shave, shower, etc.
Adam just got a haircut and is looking schmexy, again.
by IfYouLoveItWhyDontYouMarryIt February 22, 2009
21 31
A little more than sexy, your more schmexy than a schmeck.
Wow, you are quite one schmexy person and the schmexyiest one of them all...

You have hair in your mouth, thats very schmexy of you!!!
by Piss Ant February 04, 2006
6 28
While "smexy" is "sexy" plus either "Mexican"

or "smart" (depending on preference), "schmexy" is "smexy" plus "cinnamon." Origins unknown.
Girl: Did you see that guy go past just now?
Her gay friend: Yeah! OMG! He was sooo schmexy!
by Aerych January 01, 2010
8 32
sexy: often in a younger, more childish way, eg. prosti-tots.
Oh, you look schmexy in that dress!
Alisha is sooo schmexy.
by Maddy Jane June 24, 2006
17 55
A sexy mexican, or how you say sexy when you are really shit-faced
drunk guy: woowwww, shle ish really schmexy.
drunk friend: yesh she ish!
by kill the sound December 17, 2007
13 52