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A person who you find less popular, uncool, a

noob or a loser.
Vicky: OMG look at Wei Seah!

Kevin: Yeah he's such a schmelt!
by WSGotLaced March 25, 2010
26 19
A rookie on a hockey team that everyone always hates. Never picks up the pucks, is a Charlie Conway type of hero in practice and jokes around with everyone even though they hate his guts. A schmelt does not know he is a schmelt which is often the best part of it.
Holy fuck Akes, did you catch Bob out there steam rolling everyone in shinny? What a fucking schmelt.
by Figg September 19, 2007
146 20
The area between ones sack and the base of ones penis.
Dude,I can't stop itching my schmelt!
by Bobby Schmelt May 01, 2008
20 59