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NOUN : (a schmegory) One individual who is awkward in social situations, has an

awkward appearance, is consistently overlooked and out-shined by others; the

male version of Meg from Family Guy

ADJECTIVE: (schmeg) Awkward in appearance; it's not gross, it's not right, it's

just 'eh'

VERB: (schmegoring) In the process of doing something incredibly awkward or

behaving awkwardly in a public context
NOUN: "Dude, what's been up with Tommy lately?"

"I don't know, he's acting like a schmegory..."

ADJECTIVE: "Tommy is doing 'No Shave November' and his facial hair is looking


VERB: "Bobby was schmegoring at the party last night."

"Yeah he was acting very schmeg."
by Two Palmettos and a Guido November 17, 2009

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