When a gathering of friends goes to the middle of the woods at night, makes a bonfire, and parties like its 99.
Person 1: Hey man, are you going to the schmeel tonight?
Person 2: Oh heavens yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ballsballsballsballsballs September 22, 2010
Top Definition
(v) - attempting to informally steal and/or copy someones academic work.

(n) - Someone that attempts to casually copy someones work.
ex: (v)
Bob: Hey can I see what you did for problem set 3?
Rick: Stop trying to schmeel from my lab.

ex: (n)
Bob: What did you get for the homework?
Rick: Your such an f'n schmeeler.
by GodXtreme November 07, 2011
The uncontrollable urge (after whiffing your favorite food or delicacy)to bury one's face in it,and immediately consume it in a ravenous fashion
Not having eaten for three days, I schmeeled the pizza fresh from the oven.
by ED HALL March 13, 2007
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