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Feeling lazy, not wanting to move, feeling greasy, feeling hungover, being high>
Look at mike in his bed after drinking last night...What a schmeagol!
by cangreko April 03, 2010
the biggest lick; closely resembles the character from lord of the rings; not sociably acceptable in society or most public places including restaurants, public schools, and most Walmarts in South Florida; very hard to understand and should consider learning sign language; also has trouble "with the ladies".
drug dealer: hey lick wanna buy some tree

schmeagol: hey sure brooo how bout a g for 15

drug dealer: fuck you lick try 30.

schmeagol: yes sir mr. sir

drug dealer: *walks away with $30 and never gave him the tree*
by dat boi FUF* October 13, 2011