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Listed in order of most frequent usage:
1. An under-aged girl that is unusually attractive and often hit on with the thought of intercourse. This interaction is later followed with the excuse of her over-developed body shape.
2. To move a girl's hair out of her face with the use of a penis.
3. When pronounced quickly: Slit-her-baun may refer to the slitting of a girl's "baun." This refers to a method of violence often used in renaissance terms for the act of slicing a "baun" in half.
4. A chain of water parks located in Texas and Kansas.
1. "Hey pass me the jelly, I think I have a hard-on for this schlitterbahn."
2. "Babe, would you mind?"
"Yes, my dear" *thwak*
"Mmm that was good, thanks for the schlitterbahn"
3. "This is a rather awkward appears that I have schlitterbahned."
4. "Hey, I have a pass to's beef jerky time."
by Jsneezy June 10, 2009

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