Top Definition
n. pl shlink.ies

A combination of the word schlong and the once popular toy slinky. It is a name given to a small penis often because of its shriveled up appearance. The term is the opposite of a schlong.
Milkman was about to bang that chick at the party but she refused once he unveiled his schlinky.
by the master of many tongues September 23, 2010
A disgusting looking penis. It is a long worm, usually just sitting there. It looks like dead skin.
Steven was doing pushups, and his schlinky fell out of his pants.
by SoH leader March 23, 2011
A word meaning the best of a group of players in an XBox live game. For example, if a group of people were playing Call of Duty, on the XBox, the highest ranked person in the game would be Schlinky.
I had Schlinky in my game earlier
by Oo Schlinky oO September 22, 2009
Originates from the Cape Town term which relating to a special group of people. Similar in meaning to shiznit.
The incuBeta shlinkey's are the bomb!
by incubatorian March 11, 2005
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