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An alcoholic beverage created purely to be disgusting and to make one feel ill or even vomit.

Schlagnog is served in a shot glass and is prepared like so:

* Drop a dollop of mash into the shot glass
* Carefully pour vodka over until almost full
* Add small cubes of ham (or torn up strips if unavailable)
* A dash of chilli sauce for that extra kick

Usually prepared as a "dare;" if the person to first attempt drinking the Schlagnog spits it out or doesn't manage it in one go, a swift punch to the kidneys is administered, usually as they are still gagging.
Pagey: Here Ted, I've made you a Schlagnog
Ted: Fucking hell Pagey, what's this shit?
Pagey: It's a Schlagnog you nignog!
Ted: Fucking hell, that's rank! And why have you got your ballbag out?
by Handsome Crab August 10, 2010

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