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Schizotypal Personality Disorder is a "schizophrenia spectrum" disorder, a mental illness characterized by social isolation, unusual perceptions, and odd or eccentric behavior. The cognitive effects of this disorder are similar but less severe than Schizophrenia. It is somewhat common for SPD traits to appear in patients with OCD. As with Schizophrenia, SPD can be passed through genetic material, but studies also show that neglect or abuse in early childhood can trigger the development of schizotypal traits. Gender differences mention women being more prone to cognitive peculiarities, with men exhibiting more behavioral abnormalities and social withdrawal.

Common symptoms of SPD include:
- Inappropriate or blunted affect (exhibiting emotions inappropriate for a given situation, or the numbing of emotion)
- Social withdrawal
- Impulsive nonconformity (emotional instability, eccentricity or oddness in appearance, unconventionality in social situations)

- Paranoia
- Elaborate or disorganized speech
- Unusual or "magical thinking" (hallucinations, delusions, the belief that a mundane occurrences hold certain significance or a signs specifically for the individual to find)
Schizotypal disorder can be helped with anti-psychotics.
by Psionicmind May 03, 2009
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