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To be shady or cheap.
Borrowing money from someone and not paying them back or taking forever to pay them back is schisty.
by Andrea March 21, 2005
38 9
To be inconsiderate or to take something without approval.
"Max, you are one schisty son of a b*tch!"
"You totally schisted my tattoo!"
by Gunslinger May 17, 2006
13 3
Adj: reluctant to drop.
The poor kid's got schisty bollocks.
by Chris Yapp February 28, 2007
2 8
Something that is flashy, cool, gnarly. Relates to anything cool. Slang for sick, dope, nasty, smooth etc.
Example #1:
Dude #1: Yo bro we where choppin mad waves out there!
Dude #2: Your Helicopter on that secound set was schisty!!

Example #2
Dude #1: Dude you were spittin game on that blonde chick tonight.

Dude #2: Ya i ended up bringin her back
Dude #1: That was Schisty!!
by BresslerRI November 01, 2009
2 17