a person split apart from the catholic church.
He is a schism.
He has produced a schism in the Catholic society.
Schism by the band Tool is a good song but has rather repetitive riffs.
by useful idiot March 18, 2004
Used to discribe an over exuberant divide or moment within a conversation. Often used with an insult refering to gentitalia.
Well schism my quim!
by iexus March 09, 2005
1. Used to explain or refer to something as good or palatable, closely related to awesome or gnarly.
2. Can also be used in place of the word shit.

Example: " Dude, you just won the lottery! That's totally schism!"

Example #2: " Pass the weed, that's that schism!!"
by Colton V. Robinson, esquire March 08, 2007
Another name for a twitch or a spasm.
my leg just had a schism
by hamghetti... September 28, 2006
1. schism (n.)A period of time in which, if you eat, you feel as if you will puke.
2. schismed (v.)The feeling of simply not wanting to eat.
1. When I went to Chicago, I so had a schism!
2. yesterday, I schismed during lunch.
by Erik Belsaas April 27, 2005
An Utouchable Person in Yo Hood. The Baddest MOFO u know. The person u know is silent but deadly
U betta watch out for TIC, what is he the schism.
by LUNATIC February 26, 2005
skeet + jizz + -m = schism

cum, jizz, skeet, semen, baby batter, etc.
At church I witnessed a Catholic schism.

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