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A fart.
Used in Vienna, Austria, as a description for negative circumstances ("This is a schas.", "What a schas!") and used as a description for causes that have no effect ("Schas in the woods!")
by realtonky September 09, 2009
It's not a name. It's a title for a true ballin' OG. A balla'that will crack your dome for the hell of it, you owe money, or your a filthy Hungarian or guinea with hairy legs. A person who will yell every swear and threaten to kill errrbody you know or he will burn down your family tree. A hardcore coldblooded sucka that loves the purple drink, chicken, and mrs.a's and d's pus. I KILL FO FUN AND YELL AT LITTLE KIDS
Run Matt S.Cha saw you throwin shoes! NUKKA you owe S.Cha money. S.Cha snatched his teachers papers outta the computer. S.Cha wants you to buy his Lucozade.
by Sean Griffin March 07, 2008
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