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A school in Rotterdam New York filled with your typical students and so called social rejects, I myself would probably have been classified as a social reject but I don't really give a shit. a school that is also filled with nasty ass girls that tan in the winter and get drunk as fuck and sleep with the jocks. there are a few bulldykes in Schalmont they generally wont hurt you until you look into there eyes. Schalmont was built in the 1950's and is a cross between SCHenectady ALbany and MONTgommery counties, nice school but alot of people there suck ass and think there the shit, if you run into these kids don't give them eye contact because they will try to fight you for no reason. also we have one girl in our school that looks like a man and will crush anybody that gets in her way. Schalmont is also an insult for any kid that thinks hes the shit. also a new haven for pot heads. also filled with Italian wannabes and wiggers who believe everything they see on the MTV and VH1 and BET would post more but it would take a while and the Schalmont kids would throw a fit after reading this.
-P.S. I graduated from Schalmont a while back so you cant do shit.
-Look at Kevin trying to act gansgter, you can automatically tell hes a Schalmont.
-Dylan is such a Schalmont listen to the way he talks
-omg, I stepped in some Schalmont on the way to the bus, im gonna be sick.
-Every morning in front of the auditorium a whole bunch of peckerwood wiggers stand around and listen to old gay ass rap and ruin reggae music.
-if you attend Schalmont High School you probably dealt with the worst of the worst.
by Schalmontlcassof09 March 01, 2010
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