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any country or disrespectful society where neither social nor economic unity has been established
in hell -for every single country- a boiler and a demon is reserved for the people(sinners) of that country.. the demons are supposed to push the sinners back in to the boiler if they try to get out of it.. one day satan realises a boiler unlike the others where no one tries to get out of it therefore the demon who is responsible for that boiler just chills out and enjoys his mojito.. satan approaches the nearest demon, points the boiler where there's no action at all and asks the demon which country's boiler that one is.. the demon responds; "that would be Schadenfreudenia's boiler, my master".. satan hums and asks why no one tries to get out of Schadenfreudenia's boiler and adds "are there no sinners from Schadenfreudenia?" ..the demon responds; "no my master, if anyone tries to get of that boiler -even before the demon acts- the people in that boiler pulls him back in the boiler".
by kelamist September 18, 2012
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