The feeling of pleasure gathered from watching the suffering of another human being.
Remember the enormous pleasure you got watching dad get kicked in the nuts on AFHV in the 80s, or ogling any fat asshole in the world dancing in bikini briefs or redneck on a crotch rocket who smashes his face in on the old log next to the "swimmin' hole" near his dilapidated shack on YouTube? That's schadenfreude... It's what makes you human... Or a very bad person.
by Vice Morris July 29, 2009
Pleasure from another's misfortune
This economy's producing plenty of opportunities for Schadenfreude as Congress summons multimillion dollar CEOs to defend themselves
by February 14, 2009
Getting joy out of someone elses misfortune. The joy you feel is shameful.
She fell over and broke her neck.. i felt nothing but schadenfreude..
by bobx-- December 09, 2008
Basically, that feeling you get watching America's Funniest Home Videos(or a similar show). You're feeling glad that you're not someone experiencing pain. The opposite of sympathy.
Watching someone get stacked(hit in the crotch) and either laughing or cringing. That's Schadenfreude.
by supergub October 31, 2009
Taking pleasure in somebody else's misfortune. From German,
also spelled shadenfreude
shrink to a patient:
-what did you feel when you found out that your successful brother had lost all his money in the stock market?
by ana von hindenburg February 07, 2011
1) taking pleasure in other people's pain
Taylor: Schadenfreude, Kanye!
by Yasmine1427 April 20, 2010
German for unanticipated delight in the suffering of another which is cognized as trivial and/or appropriate.

Simply it is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
They got a good laugh out of watching the waitress trip and fall while carrying a huge tray of food. That is schadenfreude.
by aw182006 February 13, 2009

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