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An imaginary route used to explain otherwise inexplicable lateness.
Francine: "Bob, you're two and a half hours late! What took you so long?!"
Bob: "I took the scenic route."
Francine: "Oh, okay. That excuse makes perfect sense and I have no questions pertaining to the circumstances of your lateness beyond that."
by TheHereticTheory August 01, 2011
7 1
1. the long way
2. the wrong way
We were supposed to turn on 13th Street to get to the Capitol, but I guess we can take the scenic route...through Virginia.
by Rolf October 09, 2004
53 13
An Elevator ride to or from the top or high floor of a building that stops at every floor on the way up or down.
"I tried to get out of work before those idiots downstairs in accounting so I wouldn't have to take the scenic route in the elevator ride down"
by Ben Faulding September 27, 2005
11 9
1. The act of plowing your way through a bunch of scene kids at a lame concert out of sheer boredom.
"Man, that show last night was so boring, I took the scenic route all the way to the front just to tell the lead singer how much they sucked."
by Juu Hachi April 06, 2008
8 13