Stupid pain is the ass poser kids that only do somthing because its "in" or "cool" there basicly Trend Whores or of that nature, they just follow somthing to fit in with a crowd or to seem cool which only makes them look even more stupid.... See Poser
Hey wasnt he just dressed punk the other day???
Yeah.. now he wants to try and be skater
its the "in" thing this week...
by Prizzem October 15, 2004
Scene does not refer to emo (which is currently a nonexistent music genre- easily mistaken for pop-punk)in any way.

Scene refers to the music scene in someones town.
If many metal bands play in a town and there are lots of kids who go to metal shows...their "Scene" would be the "metal scene"
If many indie bands play in a town and there are lots of kids who go to indie shows...their "Scene" would be the "indie scene"
If many industrial bands play in a town and there are lots of kids who go to industrial shows...their "Scene" would be the "industrial scene"

and so on and so forth.
Scene doesn't reflect on the way a person dresses, how they act, what there emotional status is or how many times they "cut maselfffffff"
Scene just refers to music.
Metalhead1- yo man i love our 'scene!
Metalhead2- dude me too! i love seeing all these new metal bands at the local VFW!

indiekid1- i can't wait to go to the show tonight at the local small venue! our scene and our scene (kid)s are awesome!
indiekid2- i agree, i love our indie scene. the way localindieband's keyboard player rocks the Moog is awesome!

raplover1- yo dawg, this show is gonna be tight! i love hearin new beats comin up for da undaground...and what i love the most is that they're right herrr!
raplover2- w0rd, our scene is off da chain!
by epiphone105 December 07, 2006
someone who goes along with the whole "scenester" scene. they normally will be into all of these "scene bands" just to fit in with the other "scenesters"
its a fucking poseur way of life.
OMFGZZZ im soo SCENE! I got A little DinoBow in my choppy black hair!!
Look up hipster. Basically the same thing
That scene kid says his hair cut cost $30 dollars more than mine and is more obscure than mine.
by Jarbeard July 04, 2005
a lozer who thinks there the fucking sex when really there assholes with hair covering one eye. there rich and buy news clothes everyday, and they only wear whats cool.
they pose bands, and oh they have to have 0835002345092359702 million freinds on myspace.
they dye there hair wayy too muchh..and ruin the music scene.
a guy and a girl talking, they are so scene.


here is there conversation.

XXtearsXBLOODX- hey hawtie, did u cut today i did becuz i didnt get new shoes.
XcutsxWRIST- awww, dude i have sex hair, lets go die it!!!
XXTEARSXBLOOD- ok but let me wipe the blood from my wrist
XcutsxWRIST-OK, lets go to the from first to last concert, even tho we never really heard them..
XXTEARSXBLOOD-ok, im wearing there shirt right now, im so poserish

i hate scene kids, there gay
by sarah [scene kids suck] November 11, 2005
a flaming fag
thinks there cool bc they dont have any hair on their head so they cut there wrist
scene kids are fucking deisel dikes
by fj;akskdl;ajafds July 31, 2006
someone who wants to make a scene out of their life. By usually painting nails if your a guy, being a goth, listen to sick bands, slit your wrists, dress differently.
look at that scene kid what a loser
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
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