Look up hipster. Basically the same thing
That scene kid says his hair cut cost $30 dollars more than mine and is more obscure than mine.
by Jarbeard July 04, 2005
a flaming fag
thinks there cool bc they dont have any hair on their head so they cut there wrist
scene kids are fucking deisel dikes
by fj;akskdl;ajafds July 31, 2006
someone who wants to make a scene out of their life. By usually painting nails if your a guy, being a goth, listen to sick bands, slit your wrists, dress differently.
look at that scene kid what a loser
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
A failed abortion with a horrible taste in music
No, I wanna listen to some My Chemical Romance and BVB to show other people that I'm different and nobody understands me
Fucking scene kid go kill yourself
by 9/11wasaninsidejob April 15, 2015
a dumbass who thinks that they're an "individual" when they all have the same shitty haircut, wear shitty band shirts, and skinny jeans that makes it look like they have no butt.
"hey look at that moronic scene kid over there!"
by misskitty23 February 28, 2015
a male or female generally dressing in black with dyed hair and thinks that their life sucks and they're different.

See Also: ungrateful bitch and faggot

Also unable to speak normally.
Scene Kid: lawl halp me pls mai lyf sux yew r so gey lyk wow im ded.

Me: pls die
by nogbog the dingus October 03, 2014

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