noun: A boy or girl prep who suddenly decides that's it's like sooooooo kewl to be emo or goth, but isn't willing to give up their douchey ways. May or may not listen to crappy screamo/metal and lots of white boys rapping about how much ass they get. Both tend towards physical attractiveness and have an unfortunate tendency to be assholes/bitches.
Oh my god, is that prep trying to emo? What a fucking scene kid.
by asshat mgee August 10, 2010
fucking bastards
guy1: "dude i hate that kid" guy2: "i know i punched him in the nose at a show because he's such a poser" guy1: "of course he is, he's a scene kid."
by retardedmax July 05, 2010
An EMO who doesn't want to be called an emo because of the steryotype
John : HA! fuckin emo!

Jim : Actually im a scene kid!
by hateallblacks May 31, 2009
another term for an emo kid.
there really is no difference.
-"hey, have you met Brandon? He's a scene kid."
-"huh? he looks emo to me..."
-"yeah i know, but hes a scene kid."
-*blank stare*

by knowswhathestalkingabout March 29, 2009
Commonly mistaken for emo. Any emo kid who dresses emo for the style, not the feeling. If you're not sad and "emo" you're just a scene kid.
Scene Bitch: OMG I was at this party and I was so drunk! LAWLCAKES goood times!
Emo Bitch: Shut up scene kid *Cry cry*
by poopyface mgee March 25, 2009
A scene kid is usually a teen, from the ages of 13-19, who has just realised that being an emo was making everyone think they were a twat so they decide to make everyone see that they weren't.


Black hair with extensions, backcombed. Might have a few neon colours to make them look *unique*

Thick eyeliner, because they dont know any other way from when they were emo

Wears things they think are unique, but usually aren't. They try to look as un-emo as possible.

Goes to loads of shows. Wanks to Jeffree* and Hello Kitty. Idols are often scene models, namely Audrey Kitching, Zui Suicide, etc.

Popular on either Bebo or myspace, has loads of pictured of themself to whore themself to everyone.

Puts a name related to death or something $C3ne after their name, for example SueSuicide, ChloeCarnivore.

Advertises themselves as vegetarian, even though they probably eat haribo and jelly.

Can't stand anyone who is new to the scene.

Listens to either screamo or techno music, even if they dont like it.

has loads of piercings, namely septum, lip piercings, ear stretchers, things which make them look scener than the person they're sitting next to.

Wants to be anorexic


Black hair, fringes, just like an emo haircut.

skinnies, hoodies, black stuff, still pretty emo.

big nikes, adidas or supras.

acts cool, but at home is a pussy.

obsessed with tattoos

thinks moshing is for hard nuts, just like themselves.

gay boys.
just go to your nearest town and the ones who look like gay fags are scene kids.
by Marcellaaa January 17, 2009
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