A kid who dressed and acts weird for attention.

Neon skinny jeans.
scene band t-shirts(ex: Brokencyde, Bring Me The Horizon, Jeffree Star).
very colorful hair, normally teased hair.
bright and noticably make-up.
studded belt.
shutter shades.
very large necklaces, bracelets and other jewlery.
basically anything from hot topic

Skinny jeans.
studded belt.
scene band shirts(ex: The Devil Wears Prada, 3oh!3, Saiosin)
chucks/convers or vans.
shutter shades.
straight hair...sometimes black or other bright colors.
anything from hot topic.

scene kids sometimes do anything for attention, they might stand in the middle of the road just cause they are bored of go play hide and seak at mcdonalds.

for some different examples of scene kids go to yourscenesucks.com
"OMG!!!! Its Hello Kitty!" says a scene kid.

"youre so weird" says a normal kid.
by fobthesheep July 24, 2009
Scene kids all try to b Original, yet by trying, they are all the same. So they really got to care less about what people think
God dam, stop trying to be lik Scene Kids, where all different
by _Lennnnny__ April 27, 2009
A teenager who dress in a very interesting and colourful way to cover their wafer thin personality
This scene kid's page seems to constist of: copy and pasted slogans, pictures of himself at different angles, and incoherent typing.
by marshal claw April 10, 2009
A bunch of J-rock/Visual Kei posers who claim they're being original and that Visual Kei/J-Rock copied them. In reality, however, Visual Kei has been around since the 80s and Scene is a new "fad" from the 2000s, so it is impossible for Visual Kei/J-Rock to have copied something that didn't exist at the time they started dressing that way, etc.
From head to toe everything about the scene kid is Visual Kei.
That Scene Kid thinks he/she's so original. Puh-leese.
by Lemonwhip April 01, 2009
faggot with no sense of fashion or originality or anything else that non scene kids have.
scene kids are faggots.
by Rhiaaaaaa. February 01, 2009
Scene kids are kids that believe they are listening to music and creating a style that has never been done before.
Scene had another name 25 years ago. That name was called New Wave and it wasn't considered cool to be part of the scene, it was considered freakish.
This was at a time when wearing a label
that was unique at such a time, could be acceptable as an alternative to mainstream culture.
Scene is a confused genre, because the kids that mainly call themselves scene
change the rules for what scene is and isn't daily. This tells everyone else that scenesters are posers and they are not sure of what they are doing, along with giving no reference to the ungerground anti-fashions that originally gave their subconscience the idea that they stole.
The best way to be scene, is to NOT be scene! Stop coming up with boring labels to fit in or shock people.
It's 2008, and the glam meets drag look was original when David Bowie, Divine, Boy George, Pete Burns and Robert Smith had done it during a time when these types were just trying to create something new along with b eing themselves, thus it was not accepted so greatly until future times.
That was true scene!
If you must have a label, then you are insecure and if you aren't going to give old school new romantic, punk, and wavers
any credit for ripping off their look, then you must be banished into complete ignorant bliss.
Scene Kids
by megalomaniaeverywhere November 17, 2008
the real scene kids are not douches or bitches!They go to local show because of the music. They talk to local bands to tell them they love their music. Yes, they might dress the same, but thats the style they like.They dont alway think they are superior to other people, however there are the "jerk secene kids" and they are the one thate mess up the term "scene kids." And it is true that most of the time you do see scene kids only with their "kind" but most of time they brach out. So keep in mind that the real "scene kids" hang out at local band shows to support the bands and their music not make fun of people.
most scene kids:
do drugs or drink
look the same
love a vintage edge look
love local band shows
some are straight edge
by leslie:) August 05, 2008

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