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Scene kids are a group of mindless idiots that are an exact replica of one another, whether they want to believe it or not. A majority of them come from wealthy families and most of them used to be preppy before the whole scene came about. They'll call themselves hardcore, yet if you tried to ask them hardcore means they couldn't give you an answer. Most of them are self absorbed and wouldn't dare to talk to anyone outside the scene. They all have shitty taste in music and favors a lame, no talented band that no one's ever heard of. They can't think for themselves. Music is their life, only because they don't have a life. They often live their life by lyrics. You ain't scene without the skinny jeans, white studded belt, dumb ass lip piercings, and nappy mullets. It's pretty typical for them to get stupid tattoos that they'll probably regret in 5 years. They like to give themselves nicknames like BaileyBrutal or MandyMassacre that don't apply to them. Most will claim to be bisexual. A lot of them claim to be gangster but since when did hardcore and gangster go together? The girls believe that one day they will be famous..on the internet. They wear make up like beetle juice and try look 80's ish...even though the 80's have been wiped out for over 20 years. They all think they're photographers only cause they can take a picture of themselves. Most of them convert back to their preppy ways after being tired of trying so hard. Luckily the fad is fading fast.
ME: Look at all those dumb fucks, do they look stupid or what?

SCENE KIDS: OHH EMM GEEEEE!!! Don't judge me. RAWR! I'm just trying to figure myself out.
by megan8312 February 14, 2011
A bunch of J-rock/Visual Kei posers who claim they're being original and that Visual Kei/J-Rock copied them. In reality, however, Visual Kei has been around since the 80s and Scene is a new "fad" from the 2000s, so it is impossible for Visual Kei/J-Rock to have copied something that didn't exist at the time they started dressing that way, etc.
From head to toe everything about the scene kid is Visual Kei.
That Scene Kid thinks he/she's so original. Puh-leese.
by Lemonwhip April 01, 2009
faggot with no sense of fashion or originality or anything else that non scene kids have.
scene kids are faggots.
by Rhiaaaaaa. February 01, 2009
the real scene kids are not douches or bitches!They go to local show because of the music. They talk to local bands to tell them they love their music. Yes, they might dress the same, but thats the style they like.They dont alway think they are superior to other people, however there are the "jerk secene kids" and they are the one thate mess up the term "scene kids." And it is true that most of the time you do see scene kids only with their "kind" but most of time they brach out. So keep in mind that the real "scene kids" hang out at local band shows to support the bands and their music not make fun of people.
most scene kids:
do drugs or drink
look the same
love a vintage edge look
love local band shows
some are straight edge
by leslie:) August 05, 2008
dyed blonde and/ or black hair
usualy also have coon tails
Usualy straighted alot and then backcombed at the back
Hair usualy has very short layers on top with long (often extensions) underneath -very choppy
Side swept fringe, also known as an emo fringe
Black straightened hair, occasionaly back combed at the back
Side swept fringe, also known as an emo fringe
Anything with Hellokitty, Anchors, Bats, Diamonds ect.
Drop dead, Fresh till death, Baby cakes and such are all popular makes
Often wear skinny jeans
Dress sense is very similar to emo but far more colourful and nice looking
Peak caps are also popular
Skinny Jeans
Reasonably tight tops
Drop dead, Fresh till death, Baby cakes and such are all popular makes
Peak caps are also popular
LOTS of foundation till your skin is all one colour
LOADS of eyeliner (even more than emos) usualy with annoying flicky bits at the outer eye
Fake eyelashes are often worn
SOME scene guys wear abit of eyeliner, although it is usualy considered to emo
Jewlery and piercings
Knecklaces with hello kitty, anchors, bats, diamonds, brass knuckles, gloomybear, tapes or any other 'scene' icon on are good
One to many knecklaces should be worn
Favourite peircings for scene girls are lips - snake bites and monroe and nose - septumand Bridge.
Ear stretchers are also considered good
Any other piercings are also acceptable, the more the better
Favourite piercings for scene guys are snake bites, septum and bridge.
Ear stretchers, stretched really big.
Act like you have no emotions, you wouldnt want to be mistaken for an emo
You need to be Br00tal to defend yourself on vanity bands on myspace
Scene Queens, Audrey Kitching, Zui Suicide, Hanna Beth, Jac Vanek, Kiki Kanibal ect.
Ollie Sykes and all that scene
Must have all the online networking sites going, myspace, bebo, facebook, buzznet ect. and have ridiculous amounts of friends on them
Be in as many 'vanity bands' as possible
Listen to people throwing up into micraphones aka bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada ect.
Go to gigs
Must have all the online networking sites going, myspace, bebo, facebook, buzznet ect. and have ridiculous amounts of friends on them
Listen to people throwing up into micraphones aka bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada ect.
Go to gigs
Be in a screamo band
and stuff like that
Im a hardxcore Br00tal scene kid!
by yes please bbz April 09, 2008
lots of definitions...

someone who is partly emo, partly prep.

someone who doesn't want to be considered a labelled person, but likes to dress like an emo.

an emo that doesn't wear black.

someone who loves neon colours, has straight hair with multicoloured streaks, lots of eyeliner, and loves to go to rock concerts.
female scene kids are often obsessed with things like hello kitty or skelanimals.
they put alot of effort into their myspace/bebo profile picture.
both male and female secne kids often have side swept hair with one side over their eye.
Chav: dude, you're such an emo
Scene kid: no I'm not
Chav: yes you are, don't argue with me grr
by Rockstar<3 March 28, 2008
Okay lets get this whole problem straight first of all do some research before you write things down. Emo is actually spilt off of the hardcore of the 1980's it orginally stood for emotional hardcore. The scene start in washington d.c. because they believed hardcore kids were becoming to violent and just showing up at shows to hurt people the did not believe in the punk rock ideals made clear but hardcore bands such as minor threat. Emo became more popular during the 90's as an indie style pioneered by bands such as sunny day real estate and texas is the reason. Now the interesting thing about emo is it isn't actually around anymore you see it was really just an offshoot of punk similar to the hardcore of the 80's and the more pop side of punk in the 90's. Now we can get to scene kids they listen to bands that are around today such as silverstein and boys like girls. Which is pop music with a little bit of rock thrown in. Never call someone emo because it does not actually exist anymore there are no emo bands anymore only scene bands. As stated pervoiusly emo is just an offshoot of punk that stayed around for a little bit and doesn't exist anymore. It is also very important to know the difference between scene and punk. Punk is politically and socially motivated whereas scene is rebellion as sold at hot topic. Hopefully everyone understands the difference.
emo kid will listen to sunny day real estate, texas is the reason
scene kid will listen to silverstein, boys like girls, my chemical romance, pink spiders
punk kid will listen to against me, anti-flag, rise against, minor threat
by adawg112154542 January 02, 2008
Scene kids are people(teens) that
are trying to be different, unique, random, etc..
When really they are just doing
They follow whatever "the scene" is.
the exact opposite by this because
they think this makes them cool
scene kids usually find themselves original, weird etc, when they are really just normal sane kids.
a lot of "normal" people (who dont know they're scene as well)
think scene kids are stupid.
What really makes them(scene kids) stupid is seeing other
peole dress, or act this way and they are tricked
into liking it as well.
Being scene can even include the things people do,
say, or how they act. Even bands are 'scene'.
Scene kids usually include "gangsters" and "skater/punk/emos"
today the scene is more like this...
-bright colors
-skinny jeans
-an asmmetrical hair 'do, sometimes with dyes
like the top half of head's hair is bright blonde,
when the bottom hair is black.
-studded belt
-fitted hat
-a little more on the tight side jeans
-stiped sweaters, band shirts
-studded belt
-gauges or plugs in their ear lobs
-black clothes
-tight jeans
-asymmetrical hair, sometimes with dyes like random
white chunks in black hair
-gauges or plugs in their ear lob
a scene kids sn xdinosxgoxrawrx
by dropping umbrellas December 10, 2007