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1. Ohkayy so scene is just a category/ label/ sterotype thingg. You can dress however the fuck you want. If someone dresses like you, you both have the same tastes in fashion. It's really not a big deal. They aren't really a poser.

2. Mmk so "scene kids"

- Have cool/ bigg/ dyed/ layered or choppy hair.
- As long as it's not too boring and not flat it's good.^
- Wear skinny jeans or tight straight legs.
- Like colors.
- Also like black and white.
- Love clothes and shoes.
- Love concerts/ shows.
- Like piercings and tatoos and sometimes gauges.
- Like photography or fashion.
- Like music...alot, as do other people.
- Like dancing and partying.
- Can or not be straight edge.
- Does not matter if you like Dinosaurs and Pokemon.
- Usually wear hard to copy things. (No one scene or not likes a copy cat.)
- Shop online, at the mall, garage sells, markets, etc.

- Doesn't HAVE to be vintage like.
- Skinny fits are well liked..if you've got the body.
- Are not limited to just screamo and electric and techno sounds.
- Don't always like The Devil Wears Prada and BMTH
- Aren't always stuck up assholes who are extremly conceided.

- Aren't as stupid and foolish as you think.
- Just want to be themselves without being judged.
- Want to be noticed and have A LOT of friends.
- Not always attention whores.
- Like myspace, vampire freaks, stickam.
- Love pictures and making videos.
- Like makeup and nail polish. (mostly girls)
- Just wanna have fun.
- Aren't ALWAYS judging.
- Can be rude and think they'er better then you but so can anyone else with an ego and confidnce.
- Can be the nicest people and funest you will meet.
- Usually very open minded and wild to a point.
- Not always vegan/ vegetarian, though it would be a good thing to be. ( Save the animals.!)

3. Everyone has there own thing. Whether it came from their head or the internet or the tv it's still your own thing.
Everyone has or will copy at least one person in their lifetime. Styles and music are always changing. You may think someone copied you but mabey they just discovered it when you did or before you knew them. Mabey they think you copied them. They might not have even noticed you have or did it. You could never know just because you are too mad that the "poser" stole your look or the look you had a few months ago. You could be missing out on a great person just because you were quick to judge and decided not to like them when they probaly haven't even done anything to you but wear/ listen to something you have or love or hate. Whatever the case. And for you homophobes, go fuck your selves. People think it's super hot or funny or cute when the oppistite sex kisses the same sex, but when your own sex kisses the same sex you shun them. Not cool. It's super dumb. You definatly CANNOT help who you're attractied to. And not all scenes are gay or bi. Being scene isn't so much about being orginal anymore. That is just you trying to be yourself. Now "scene" is about being as close to perfect as you can get. Creating looks and art/ fashion/photography with own body that is amzingly beautiful and breath taking. Getting everyone you can to like or at least look at you in a good way. It's about being orginal some I'm not gunna lie. If you look the same as your friends you all or whoever joined your crew last will be labled a poser. Indivduality is the key to any look though. Scenes try to look better then everyone else, probaly why they say or other people think they say they're the shit. They try to look as hot or as cute as they can be while still looking badass and cool and not super slutty.


Posers.! Unless you actually know the person you'er talking about, like you reallly know them. Don't use the fucking word poser. I have been called this sooooo many times. And each time I ask them how I'm a poser they don't know what to say and shut their mouths. Or they look around for a while thinking and come up with "Umm you just are" Why I ask. " Because you are and I said so." Idiot. If you are going to say shit back it up. Ohh or they say you listen to shit. But Everyone has their own opinion in music. Even my best best friends and I disagree on on bands. Though we usually don't..

You should only call a person a poser or think they somewhat are if..

- They go on and on about how they're sooo hardcore and scene.
- They don't like hardcore music and they say they're hardcore. ( stuff like BMTH and TDWP aren't that hardcore.)
- They change their look alot.
- Like dressing in all black fer a month then Hollister and Abercombie and then tight clothes and bright colors. Then wearing pacsun for a while and dressing scene then asking you if you like them better which wayy.
- You have to be careful about that though they might just be deciding what they like fer real, and not trying on looks and whateverr.

- They are ranting on about their new found gayness.
- Like bragging and making it extremly known.
- They make it known that they are scene.
- They lable themselves.
- They buy everything to do with the sterotype (bows, headbands, skinnies, bright eyemakeup, dyes, etc.)
- They are suddenly into "scene" things. ( Hellokitty, DropDead, InvaderZim, lots of eyeliner, Babycakes, screamo and elctric music, etc.)
- They change their music completely and quickly.
- Only talk to other scenes.
- Copy everthing you and your friends do.
- Never has their own opinion.
- Changes when you change.
Person: Oh my god, did you see those kids.?!
Dood: Yeahh that guy was wearing skinny jeans and the girl was wearing a lot of eyeliner.
Person: SCENE KIDS.!

Scene 1: Ohh my goshh.! We just got invited to Rachel's party.!

Scene2 : Yayyyy.!:D
Lets go get ready I'll plug in my straightener.

Scene 1 : Ohkayy I'm gunna post my nw pic on myspace and turn on some music. Yayy.!! We get to party again tonight.!XD

Scene 2: I hope theirs hot people there, can I wear your new jeans.?

Scene 1: My new black skinnies?...I was gunna wear them. You can wear my pink or gray ones.

Scene 1: Ughh Becky is wearing the same shirt I got yestrday. I didn't even get to wear it yet.! Everyone is gunna think I'm copping her. I hate her.!!

Scene 2: Haha it looks better on you though and you have cuter jeans, that poser's still wearing flares. Ewwww.!

Scene 3: Flares are ugly but if she likes them, it doesn't really make her a poser. She's doing her own thing and she's brave for not caring that their not in anymore.

Scene 2: Ohhkayyy.? Well any wayys..I mean does she even listen to that band.?

Scene 1: Ughh I guess it doesn't really matter, I'm still gunna wear my shirt tomarrow. And I'll wear my cute jacket too.:) Mmm at least she has somee good tastes in fashion...


Scene Gurl: Ohh I really like this.
Scene Gurl 2: Yeahh me too.!
Poser girl: We should start wearing those.
Scene Gurl: Yeahh.!:D
Scene Boy: You guys look hot in those.
Poser girl: Mmhmm we do.!

Scene gurl 2: God I could bang you yer so hot.!
Scene Gurl: Hahah. Yeahh to bad I'm straight..
Poser gurl: Wait yer gay.?
Scene gurl 2: Hell yeahh. Well I'm bi.
Scene boy: And it is soo hot.!
Poser: Haha I'm bi too. Umm will you come with me, there's this new hardcore CD I wanna look at that Brook was talking about today.
Scene Boy: Yeahh she's hardcore, your hardcore..that's so scene.
Poser gurl: Yeahh.! I am scene totally hot huhh.?! (walks to Cds and all laugh behind her.)
by I'mSickofThisShit. July 06, 2009
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