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The absolute best parody movie that I've ever laid eyes on.

It's basically a mix of a parody of The Ring, a parody of Signs, a parody of Eight Mile, and a parody of a whole lot of other movies.
Now everybody in the 202, throw your hands in the air 'cause Fat Joe is through. Now everybody in the 202, throw 'em up! Check it out. I'm a white boy, but my neck is red. I put Miracle Whip on my Wonder Bread. My face is pale, nah, I've never been in jail. Me and Buffy spend every winter in Vail. How many bitches have I slapped? Zero. UH! And Martha Stewart happens to be my hero. I grew up on a farm and I was born with no rhythm, Dr. Phil's my uncle and I like to hang with him. I can't dance, I wear khaki pants, my middle name's Lance, my grandma's from France. So maybe I'm whack 'cause my skin ain't black, but you can't talk smack 'cause whitey just struck back!
by Ben Kenobi May 29, 2005
The funniest of the Scary Movie .... um, movies. It has by far the most bizarre, must-see alternate ending ever!
George: You guys ever wonder what it would be like to stop livin' up here
*puts hand up in the air*
George: and start livin' down here?
*puts hand down low*
Mahalik: Or what if we stop livin' over here
*puts his hand out to the side*
Mahalik: and start livin' over there?
*puts his hand to the other side*
CJ: Shit, my aunt Shaneequa used to live over there! But that bitch got evicted though.
Mahalik: For what?
CJ: Mice.
Mahalik: I thought she had rats?
CJ: No, rats are outside, mice are inside.
Mahalik: But what if a mouse goes outside does it become a rat, and if a rat is in the house, is it a mouse?
CJ: I ain't seen no mouse outside. That's what I'm sayin'.
Mahalik: That's because it's a rat, fool!
CJ: Damn! You mighta just made fact. That's some real shit...
by bohdave April 30, 2005