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The woman from the phones for you advert

some woman with long greasy hair who looks scary and could be called mary
whats up scary mary

look at scary mary over there
by frida the cow July 30, 2005
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a female student of BCA who believes that all guys are conceited, egotistical, sex-obsessed spawns of satan that deserve nothing more than castration, followed by a long and painful death.
Joe: Yo Bob! This morning I woke up, looked under my pants and noticed my balls were missing! Its freakin' me out!
Bob: It must have been...SCARY MARY!!!
by FlyingNinja March 31, 2005
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1. a contestant on the channel 4 show, big brother who was a witch and a phsycic. Lived in Donegal (ashamedly left first)

2. From the phones 4 you advert; a fat girl with greasy hair who isnt scared of her own phone but herself.

1. Scary Mary,"boo! your a real loser!" Scary mary you look scared of your own phone
mary: i am its costing me a fortune
man: you should get a wee shitty phone from phones 4 u. No 1 else has!
by Damian Friel September 21, 2005
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