The second largest city (as far as square miles) in Maine. It has a population of approximatly 20,000. As most towns do in southern Maine it has a couple nick names. For example S-Town and the more popular "The Borough". Scarborough is made up of many different neighborhoods. Some of them are Pleasant Hill, Prouts Neck, Oak Hill (downtown east scarborough) Dunstan Corner (downtown west scarborough) among many others. It's wicked easy to get drugs in Scarborough (especially weed or crack). If you can't get it from the first person you walk up to, they know someone you can get it from.
Dude, I went to get some weed and crack in Scarborough.
by aCeofSpades January 12, 2006
A word that is used to answer a question that you don't really know the answer to. It can also be used in an awkward situation, in which you are at a loss of words.
Me: "Hey man what kind of ink does my printer use?"

You: "Scarborough?"
by John Kiddles April 19, 2009
A seaside town in England, which smells of Scarborough and is inhabited by Jacob Thundercliffe.
scarborough smells of sewage
by mtzz October 14, 2005

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