Adjective - to be canny to the latest Internet scams, to show shrewdness and good judgment in the face of Internet scams and fraud.
The girl didn't reply to the email from the President of Nigeria because she was too scanny.
by BeckyLovesLife April 19, 2011
Top Definition
(Net Jargon: for nerds)Not real. Something strange. A scan of something.
This tagg is fuckin scanny.
by K-wise March 13, 2003
One who holds the authority to declare a sporting event or other activity over, usually in favor of a trip to Safeway.
You're quittin? Come on man, don't pull a Scanny!
by DaUMp April 09, 2004
See also scanyon

A very large blunt. Shortened version of scanyon.
Guy: Yo!! I just grabbed a qp wanna hit the bong???
Girl: Nah, let's roll a fuckin scanny!!
by plasmaphysics April 08, 2005
A term of description for a person coming from Scandinavia(Norway, Denmark or Sweden)
"'Ello how are ye, yer filty scanny?!"
"Wow, that scanny is SO cool!"
by Sapmi December 12, 2006
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