A very sexy woman.

There is scandalous and then there is scandalicious.
"Damn, that chick is Scandalicious!"
by Shawn January 20, 2005
Top Definition
Scandalously delicious.
Don't I look totally scandalicious in this mini skirt?
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Scandalicious (a.) From "Scandalous"

1. Deliciously Bad
2. Inappropriate clothing attire
3. Both negative and Positive forms of attention at once
1. That was a scandalicious kiss.
2. Her scandalicious dress did not coincide with the formal outfits of all the other women.
3. Everyone stopped and stared at the scandalicious dance moves by the couple.
by LovelyGrk April 17, 2011
A hot girl that does nothing but bring scandal, drama and chaos to others, involving at least one man, but usually two or more.
My buddy's ex-girlfriend was being so scandalicious when she began texting me behind his back.
by C-Mac_425 July 16, 2013
Verb. A person or situation that is a little scandalous, but fabulous nonetheless!
"Buying that hot married guy a drink was scandalicious!" Or simply, "Ever since my sister started taking pole dancing lessons, she's scandalicious!"
by Jamie Gargani May 07, 2006
adj. Skanky or slutty.
Look at that scandalicious bitch who likes to pass judgement on others. Someone needs to cut that bitch up.
by Juliet December 15, 2003
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