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Scambodia (skam bo dee uh) NOUN. Any place famous for its con men and hustlers, where everybody is trying to cheat you and nobody is honest.
Yeah, I been to New York.

You'll be shocked to find Manhattan is a big machine designed to take money out of your pockets. Only place I ever saw a drive-by stabbing. Cops didn't even want to talk to the witnesses. Too busy taking bribes, I guess.

The girl I went with worked for Robert, a conman who grifted kids going to Europe out of their ticket money. When they tried to make him give it back, he'd have them arrested. Real sweet guy. And he's still in business, 20 years later. I wonder who he's paying off.

They oughta rename it Scambodia.
by Maxhole June 22, 2009

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