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A term used by some people for the world as it is now. That is means that the world is a total scam and most people are out to get all they can for themselves and to hell with everybody else.
They point to the fact that almost everything on the net that involves money is a scam and that everything on TV is trying to get you to buy something and tells you ,"If you do your life will be so much better". That the government only tells you what they want you to know or bombs some petty dictator to get political points with the public.
That they tell you that America is a "free country" but if you really tried to act as if you were really free you would be arrested.
That they call old age "the golden years" but have you taken a look at all the people in the nursing home. They Idolize romantic love but they will send you to prison if they think they are too young for you to love.And we could go on and on.
I hate this scam world.
#porn world #cock block world #world sex movement #world porn movement #porn scene movement
by Judge dredd7 March 22, 2011
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