Commonly found all over the Uk, this individual is waste of the space that it and its miniscule brain takes up.
The male wears nike or adidas trackies with rockports or 'expensive' trainers and the essential hooded jumper. You will also see these losers wearing blue and white stripey jumpers, causing them to resemble a mint humbug holding its breath. They are incapable of walking down to the end of the street without saying to at least 3 girls, 'ere yar yo, d'you give 'ead?';
The female counterpart wears layers of foundation you could only remove with an industrial sanding machine, or maybe just with a chisel. They also tend to wear ridiculous 'gold' (gold plated) earrings. Hair is slicked back with copious amounts of gel and hairspray, and usually has bright bimbo blonde highlights in it. about 8/10 of this genre get pregnant by the age of 16, and apparently because 'The condom split' rather than i was paralytic with alcohol and couldnt be arsed to get a johnny out, or i couldnt afford them anyway. They walk around in tiny skirts and skin tight tops, with enough flab and fat hanging out to fry your bacon and eggs on for the rest of your life.
Scallys tend to smoke cheap fags like sovereign. They also corner other smokers you are minding their own business and pester them for cigs if the have to money (which is usually the case) if the person refuses, they get 'banged out', but this usually fails, because the scallys have deluded themselves that because there are a couple more of them than the other party involved, they will automatically win. wrong. They never start on people unless they are with at least 3 other people, because they know theyr gonna get battered.
The younger generation (11-16) hang out on street corners, bus stops and bus stations, and on coucil estates. Fair enough, they aren't all poor and living off benefits alone but u wonder sometimes with their aura of cheapness and 'life is well'ard for me at the moment' attitude.
The older generations grace their 'local' with their rowdy and violent mates, whilst drinking wife beating juice and generally bellowing abusive language to the other customers. They can also be found in a dance, RnB or drum n bass club, where they dance like their having a seizure.
They walk around with the caps of their baseball caps sticking vertically up, with the squinting expressing of someone whose sucking on a very very very concentrated lemon.
They think theyr cool because they steal other people's stuff, eg. phones and wallets, and consider themselves above such laws as underage driving, joy riding, drink driving, and speeding (in their Novas). If scallies read this, please realise how fucking ridiculous you are and how the rest of the population just takes the piss out of you. Dont think you're good, because you're not.
'Naaaa yo'
'ere yar yo'
'Dyou give 'ead?'
'Wot you lookin a'?'
'You startin?'
'Go shop forr meh?'
'errr look at 'er..mingah!'
'I'll stamp on yer'ead you fucking dick'
'Gimme your phone!'
generally used as many swear words as possible. Barely ressembles english language.
by Mynx-X March 09, 2004
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A term widely used in North England, but also spread all over the country, to describe the scum that hangs around shopping malls and McDonalds, wears tracksuits, listens to garbage music like 50 Cent, and last but not least, mugs people.
Look at that bunch of scallies hanging around the shopping mall. I was going to get in there to buy something nice, but nevermind it.
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 31, 2013
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A female who is considered nasty, easy, and/or fast.
1.Watch her, watch her; here comes the scally.

2. Don't talk to that girl, she's a scally.

3. Get out of my face scally!
by Adjoa February 15, 2007
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A "classy" person who usually wears tracksuit bottoms, baseball/burberry caps and loads of gold (chunky chains and also sovs - sovereign rings). In Birmingham they are known as kevs/shaz. Men tend to have short/shaved hair (optional bum fluff). Women wear a gelled sticky-out fringe and kiss curls. Lovely. Massive golden earings are often spotted too.
The attitude is definitely "i take no shit". Their favourite music ranges across r'n'b, garage and cheap drum'n'bass. Those creatures spend their day hanging around street corners, amusement arcades and local chip shops, often holding cans of Tennents Super, whilst they give out fashion tips to any other person who does not resemble their own look. They also tend to be attracted by Fun fairs like moths to a flame. Scallies overwhelmingly produce kids by the age of 15/16 and the single-mum rate amongst them can reach an alarming 95% peak. Older scallies/kevs might also sport a love/hate tattoo on their knuckles.
Holiday places: Blackpool, Ibiza, Tenerife, Faliraki.
"What the fook r u looking at?"
"You're staring at me pint and you spilt me bird..." (drunken scally/kev).
"Look at those kevs hanging around the mobile phone shop"
by claude from Birmingham October 15, 2003
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A complete loser, usually working class. Typically wears something like lacoste shellsuit top, baseball cap and trakkie b's tucked into his socks with tasteless sports classics (eg adidas). Usually by the time they are in their 20's even these idiots grow out of it, although in Liverpool there are people who never do. If they are dressing up on a fraadee nite they will put their Rockports on before catching the train to Chester to get wasted. Usually too worried about what their mates think of them to enjoy themselves, hence ruining the atmosphere whereever they go. Usually in crowds. The social hierarchy is not based on based on 'hardness', even though they aren't hard at all. If they have enough money they might also be found in Ibiza or Faleraki in the summer.

See townie, sub-class, dickhead
"British culchas fukkin grate inni"
by scally hater October 31, 2003
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Person who seems to be going jogging, until you see that they are weighed down by half thier parent's wages in gold. Wears mobile phone round neck, that's what the kiddies do nowadays.

Has ego almost as big as the pair of socks they are wearing, which stretch over their jogging bottoms. Maybe an ingenius attempt to keep rain out of the ports / nikes.

Stripy jumper indicates scally leader / complete wanker.
Hey look, that scally is dressed like a humbug.
by digsy October 19, 2003
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a group of people who cannot handle diversity. Rebels without a cause. they are natsy low lives who are no use to society. they attack people in groups because people are different from them. They cant see the world from another persons point of view. They dont relaise there is a world away from their own. They also think that no one else can have opinions
"e-arh go in shop fur us?'
by Danielle whitworth March 23, 2004
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