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When your heavily made up woman is giving head, get her to look up at you and just as you unload into her mouth you throw a glass of hot water into her eyes, she'll gag and her eye makeup will run given the appearance of a scalded panda.....
Craig: Hey Simon, how did you get on with the crack head whore you paid to take care of you last night?

Simon: Really Good, I paid her 5 bucks to eat, shoot and leave.

Craig: Cool!

Simon: Yeh, I made her apply her eye liner, put the kettle on and let her take care of business.

Craig: Did you give her the old eye wash?

Simon: Sure did! the second I blasted her tonsils I blinded the whore with a boiling cup of water!!

Craig: Your the MAN!!

Simon: She looked like a Scalded Panda..

Craig: You take WWF to a whole new level...
by Tact123 March 04, 2010

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