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The offical candy product of Strong Bad, character on Homestar Runner. THe ingrediants include gaseous clouds of marshmallow vapor encased in globules of semi-solid licorice colloid, several of them floating in a channel of liquid nougat, encased in a crispety cookety log topped with rich, creamy pepperoni and, not just puffed rice, but whole tiny bowls of crispy puffed rice cereal, all smothered in the ol' BBC: Boring Brown Chocolate.
The candy bar is shaped like his pants, with a bite in one side for security (because nobody wants to steal a pair of half-eaten choco-pants).
"For my candy bar, we're gonna need a name that's 50% Strong Bad, 50% tooth rot, and 50% ta-dah!!! How 'bou... SBLOUNSKCHED!"

-Strong Bad
by k00ld00d321 May 16, 2006
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