A crappy, Mary Sue, Naruto OC created by UchihaPuchiha on DeviantArt. She looks exactly like Sakura and Tsunade fused together, except with light strawberry-blonde hair. Apparently, Sasuke is so in love with her that he acts OOC and protects her from everything. Sawaii also happens to have an abusive love-interest named Ren. He almost killed her in the Chuunin Test fights, but he still chases after her anyways.

UchihaPuchiha just edits pictures of Sakura or SasuSaku fanart to "draw" Sawaii. What little pictures she claims to have drawn herself are usually traced. (example: A picture of Sasuke carrying his and Sawaii's demon offspring was traced from a picture of Ichigo Kurosaki carrying Nel.)
Sawaii's name most likely comes from the word "kawaii" combined with "Sakura." (Or the creator just made it up on the spot. Either way it's Wapanese.)
UchihaPuchiha always titles her deviations with Wapanese words like: "Ohayo, minna! Minna, genki? Nani?! Baka-chan! Sugoi-desu, ne???" You can't understand any of the things she says, which just makes you want to punch her in the face more.

She has an entire Weeaboo army behind her, so beware...
Sasuke: WTF. Somebody get this frickin' weeaboo away from me...
Karin: Challenge accepted.
by Dragon_Slayer01 July 02, 2012
Top Definition
Sawaii Hitomi belongs to the Naruto OC fandom.She is a beautiful character with blue eyes and orange hair.She can use crystal jutsu and because of that,she got nicknames like Crystal princess/Crystal Hime.She is very popular over the internet and if you google the name Sawaii Hitomi you will probably see a lot of drawings of Sawaii made by her fans.
Sawaii Hitomi is a very popular OC that belongs to the Naruto fandom.
by Luciana Dobre November 17, 2015

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