That really distorted Keyboard sound you hear in trance music
Man im loving that melody in that song that is being played by the saw.
by Darren March 21, 2005
secret society of active artists in wales. These are a bunch of young people who anonymously go round painting things in their neighbourhood. Generally, rubbish-looking things like bus shelters. a great way of making the youth of today seem more reasonable
Villagers believe it is the work of the Secret Society of Active Artists in Wales (SAW), whose members plan to take up one project a month.
by wonderfool April 23, 2004
Another word for a hoe
nah man allow talkin to dem saws in public, bare hedz are gonna see u and think dat ur slippin
by topdawg July 02, 2006
SAW stands for Soap and Water. Normally used for people who smell badly. Also said as SnW.
Person A:"Damn nigga, You need some SnW"
Person B: "What's that?"
Person A: "Soap and Water, yo stank ass."

Person A: "You need some SAW"
Person C: "Yea, You fucking smell, bitch"
by Jenny-Boo September 02, 2005

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