Acronym describing the Small Asian Wang. See also L.A.W.
That asian dudes S.A.W. was smaller than a guinea pig turd.
by Cheta6075 April 29, 2003
Squad Automatic Weapon, The M249 SAW is an air cooled, gas operated, belt fed, automatic weapon. In use by many countries in various models and variations
by Blueline October 05, 2003
Surf After Work. After sitting at the desk for 8 hours, when there is anything rideable, all you can think about is going surfing.
McD, we gettin a SAW today?
by sixfourfish January 07, 2009
Society Against Wastemen

a group of people against wastemen wastecadets and wastegashes
they all joined saw
by jaywalking December 11, 2007
$10 dollar note as refered to by Robert Bass A.k.a Iceberg slim.
bitch you betta hand ova that saw buck
by benny D October 22, 2003
A movie that despite being meant for psychotic people with a snuff film fetish, is loved by everyone, including cute sweet asian girls...
people like saw. WHY
by Name-42 October 15, 2006
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