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sweetpussy, usually Asian
Hanna, my Vietnamese fuckbuddy has the most savory pussy, I just can't seem to get enough. DATY with her gives new meaning to the word savory.
by Asian Lover & AMP expert September 18, 2007

Used to describe a situation, person, object, or anything else that is cool.

Usually accompanied by a hand motion, in which the hand is cupped as though holding a crystal ball, with the palm facing up, and the fingers are wiggled.
1. "That house show last night was so savory, Groves is such a sick band."
2. "Evelyn R. is a super savory human being. I mean, have you seen her high waisted pants??"
3. "My liger is savory."
4. "Did you hear? She's being Elmer's glue for Halloween!" "Savory dude."
by Kaia Amber November 02, 2010
a small dish eaten in place of dessert, a quite dated practice.
i was really hoping for a chipwhich, but, the place was so fancy, they gave me a single piece of rye toast with smoked salmon as a savory, so much for a dessert.
by protocoldroid June 18, 2004
synonym for sweet for people who watch iron chef too much
dude, savory!
by emeril February 19, 2003