sweetpussy, usually Asian
Hanna, my Vietnamese fuckbuddy has the most savory pussy, I just can't seem to get enough. DATY with her gives new meaning to the word savory.
by Asian Lover & AMP expert September 18, 2007
Top Definition

Used to describe a situation, person, object, or anything else that is cool.

Usually accompanied by a hand motion, in which the hand is cupped as though holding a crystal ball, with the palm facing up, and the fingers are wiggled.
1. "That house show last night was so savory, Groves is such a sick band."
2. "Evelyn R. is a super savory human being. I mean, have you seen her high waisted pants??"
3. "My liger is savory."
4. "Did you hear? She's being Elmer's glue for Halloween!" "Savory dude."
by Kaia Amber November 02, 2010
synonym for sweet for people who watch iron chef too much
dude, savory!
by emeril February 19, 2003
a small dish eaten in place of dessert, a quite dated practice.
i was really hoping for a chipwhich, but, the place was so fancy, they gave me a single piece of rye toast with smoked salmon as a savory, so much for a dessert.
by protocoldroid June 18, 2004
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