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Noun. A person with profound and extensive learning. Wiseman that seeks for the truth. From the sanskrit words Sav which means Truth and Vipra which means Wiseman.

A person with eccentric disposition.

Both artistic and logical, but has problems expressing.e


A renaissance man.
"Savipra is quite an eccentric."

"Savipra is an example of a metrosexual."
by Paul Ekman October 24, 2011
A human lie detector, reads faces and body language.

A genius. Strategic. A deep thinker. Observant and skillful in the art of deduction.

Typically reserved and serious, and seem to spend a lot of time thinking.

Enjoys logical reasoning and complex problem-solving.

Independent and selective about his relationships, preferring to associate with people who he finds intellectually stimulating.

The Mastermind.
Savipra is a force to reckon with.
by Baltasar Gracián March 09, 2013
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